Industrial automatic controls

IAS Components has a wide experience as a supplier of industrial automatic controls offering a large stock of products and high-quality components equipped with the most advanced technology.

With our extensive portfolio, you will be able to find the industrial automatic controls you need to implement in your production processes to develop a more flexible manufacturing process.

In addition, through the introduction of software, hardware and other automation and control technologies, you will achieve greater scalability of production processes. You will be able to manufacture your own products without manufacturing errors and without suffering possible stoppages that affect your production.

Also, implementing automatic control solutions means a significant cost reduction for your company and the possibility of monitoring and recording all your production processes in real time, having total control of your activity.

Buy industrial automatic controls

If you need to buy automatic controls to optimize and improve your production processes, your distributor of industrial components is IAS Components, we are at your disposal to offer you the best of our services.

Our team of technical experts has several years of work experience with the major manufacturers in the industrial sector. As well as offering personalized assistance to all our customers, orienting them throughout the entire purchasing process to guarantee the complete satisfaction of their needs.

We work in a holistic way to provide the introduction of automation and control systems to cover all possible production environments. So, no matter what sector you belong to, you will be able to find the necessary components to improve your company's performance in an objective and measurable way.

Browsing through our extensive stock, you will find a wide variety of the most powerful control systems on the market, and at the best price. From software, hardwares, firmwares, control panels and other accessories that determine our extensive offer.

Control accessories

One of the aspects to take into consideration when implementing automation and control systems in your production processes are the accessories. In fact, the quality of these is as important as having the control program itself.

The accessories guarantee the correct operation and add value to the automation systems. What's more, every smallest part or detail in the production process can be key to optimizing your business.

In the carefully selected IAS Components catalog, you can choose from a wide range of accessories to complete your selection. From materials that enhance the strength of your machines, to digital solutions and valuable information with technical documentation of multiple industrial components.

Industrial controls software

Choosing the right industrial controls software can be a difficult decision. It is an extremely important decision, as these components cover all business management processes. They are also responsible for the operation and control of industrial manufacturing processes.

IAS Components works for and on behalf of our customers, which is why our software offering has been chosen with determination by our team of technical experts. For this reason, customers trust our products, as we only provide industrial control software from the most demanding manufacturers in the market subject to our strict supervision.

Thus, you will have the peace of mind of choosing the software for the control of your industrial processes capable of covering all your manufacturing capacity to face any challenge that may arise during your business and the inevitable changes in your industry.

Industrial controls hardware

The integration of quality industrial automation and control hardware is essential to ensure the intelligent monitoring of your production processes.

In our wide stock of hardware, you will be able to select components with the most advanced technology to improve your productivity, your capacity, and the quality of your products in an efficient way.

You will gain versatility and save on other devices, thus increasing your profitability and maximizing your activity against your competitors.

Industrial controls firmware

If your goal is to improve the connectivity and communication of your production systems, IAS Components has a wide range of industrial control firmware so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

With the best quality-price ratio in the industry, our firmware offerings meet the need to improve data transfer with innovative functions and important benefits for your production.

Operator panels

IAS Components has everything you need to carry out the control and operation of any type of machine involved in your production processes.

In our portfolio you will find the most innovative operator panels in the industrial sector. We cover a wide range of interfaces so that you can select the most suitable for your type of activity and enjoy all the advantages of automation and control of industrial processes.

Sale of industrial controls

Industrial automatic control systems play key roles in the advancement of the industries of the future and, increasingly, of the present.

The digital revolution and new technologies have led the way in the development of industrial factories, and having quality control systems in place is now the key to successful production processes.

Devices, technologies, networks, and controls are the elements that make it possible to automate manufacturing, engineering and production processes in a wide variety of industries.

Their right combination leads to incredible improvements in the production capacity and performance of companies. They increase safety, productivity, consistency, and product quality.

The aim of IAS Components, as a supplier of quality industrial components, is to ensure that your production processes meet the most demanding requirements of Industry 4.0. For this reason, besides selling quality industrial controls from the best manufacturers on the market, we also offer you the necessary consulting services to provide you with a product offer that is fully adapted to your type of activity and production.

Therefore, if you need it, ask us everything you need so that we can help you to achieve your full potential with the best industrial automatic controls in the industry.

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