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Industrial Automation Hardware

To improve the quality and performance of industrial processes, the best alternative is process automation. For this, control systems are necessary that are used to dictate the automatic operation of production with integrated technology and different equipment. This is where the choice of quality industrial automation hardware plays an important role.

And at IAS Components, your distributor of industrial products, we have enough experience to offer our customers the best control and management solutions for Industry 4.0.

Industrial Hardware Sales

IAS Components is an expert in the sale of industrial hardware. Therefore, consider the following recommendations when acquiring industrial hardware to optimize your production processes.

Certain aspects must be considered like hardware, one of the fundamental elements of your business if you intend to achieve maximum precision along your production line.

In addition, you must have a modern hardware system that is adapted to other industrial control and production management systems. Industrial operating systems evolve rapidly and present innovative and advanced technological systems capable of covering more and more processes.

It is therefore important to have a hardware that is adapted to the current situation and not to use it on old equipment that can collapse and hinder the speed of production.

Generally, hardware undergoes significant changes in a three-year cycle. And today, at IAS Components we have hardware systems with great power that accelerate industrial activity.

In addition, they are perfectly adaptable to the latest automation software updates that include much more advanced functions in terms of calculation and graphics that did not exist before.

Through our service, you will have the opportunity to find customized solutions with the necessary advice to help you make the best decision.

Motion control

One of the latest innovations that can be incorporated into the automation of industrial processes is motion control. This allows the motion of automation systems and subsystems involved in moving machine components to be controlled and monitored.


Motion control is currently presented as one of the key points in the bridge of the new digital revolution in industry. Through this system you can manage industrial mechanisms, manipulating speeds, positions, work force and much more.

One of the main benefits of implementing motion control in industrial processes is that it strengthens the relationship between people and machines, since it arises from the need to improve the performance and activity of workers and industrial labor.

In fact, it has several advantages: it improves and increases production performance, reduces costs and activity profitability, optimizes operational management processes, offers greater availability between equipment, and promotes a sustainable and efficient industry.

In the IAS Componentes online catalog, you can choose the motion control solution that best suits your needs. In addition, you can achieve your goal of modernizing the mechanical components that will substantially improve all your production processes.

Types of hardware

As you know, hardware is the material component that makes up a computer system. Sometimes, when a company needs to implement a new hardware system, it must evaluate the type of hardware that best suits its type of activity and the way it works.

Generally defined, there are three types of hardware:

Input peripheral hardware

Also known as input devices, input peripheral hardware allows you to add information to your computer equipment. These are components such as the mouse, keyboard, webcam, microphone, barcode scanner, etc.

Output peripheral hardware

The output peripheral hardware, called output devices, is the system through which users can see the result of everything that has been done in the computer system. Therefore, output devices include elements such as the screen, the graphics card, headphones, speakers, printers, etc.

Input and output peripheral hardware

As the name suggests, this is hardware capable of performing input and output functions. With input/output devices, information is transferred from the outside in and from the inside out. In this way, you can both extract and input data into the computer system simultaneously.

Components belonging to this type of hardware are USB ports, touch screen, floppy disk drives, etc.

Within this category we can also find an essential element, the server. Although it is somewhat more complicated to categorize, the server combines two functions, the storage of data and the execution of the specific tasks that have been indicated in the production processes.

Manufacturers of hardware for industrial automation

Our mission as a supplier of industrial components is to provide materials that meet the highest quality standards to make our customers' work easier and more profitable. Therefore, we acquire our solutions from the best industrial automation hardware manufacturers in the market.

We have been working for a long time with important brands in the sector and manufacturers such as Festo or Bosh Rexroth guarantee us reliable solutions.

In addition, the technical team of IAS Componentes is in charge of analyzing and checking the quality of all the components we acquire for our stock, thus ensuring the best service for our customers.

In addition, the technical team of IAS Components is responsible for analyzing and checking the quality of all the components that we acquire for our stock, thus ensuring the best service for our customers. 

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