CATS150 Tilt Saddle ENERPAC

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CATS150, Tilt Saddle for RAC100, RAR150, HCG150, HCR150

Descripción de CATS150 Tilt Saddle ENERPAC

Unit Weight: 2.02 kg
Country of Origin: Spain
Tariff Code: 8412904090

Series : CATS
Product Lines : Industrial Tools
The use of a tilt saddle can extend the life of an Enerpac cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders are built to ensure efficient and safe use time after time, but even the toughest cylinders can be damaged by an excessive side load. Side loading can occur even when the load is vertically placed on top of the cylinder, when cylinders are extended too far – (especially long stroke cylinders), or when the saddle on the end of the plunger fails to make sufficient contact with the load. Greater contact can be achieved using Enerpac Tilt Saddles.
  • With safety and convenience in mind the new tilt saddles are designed to allow bolting to the cylinder – which means they can be used safely in any orientation without the risk of the saddle dropping off.
  • CATS-Tilt Saddles use a nitrocarburization surface treatment for improved corrosion protection, helping to maintain a professional look through their usage life.
Saddle Tilt (degrees)5
Cylinder Series CompatibilityRAC, HCG, HCR
Saddle TypeTilt
Compatible ProductsRAC1002, RAC1004, RAC1006, RAC1008, RAC10010, HCG1502, HCG1504, HCG1506, HCG1508, HCG15010, HCG15012, HCR1502, HCR1504, HCR1506, HCR1508, HCR15010, HCR15012

Detalles de CATS150 Tilt Saddle ENERPAC

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