Reference EGSL60182
EGSL60182, SL60 Hydraulic Gantry Sling

Description of EGSL60182 Sling ENERPAC

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Series : EGSL
Product Lines : Heavy Lifting Technology
  • High performance synthetic fiber lifting slings provide a safe, reliable, cost-effective and lightweight alternative to heavy chains and wire rope.
  • The endless loop construction enables slings to be manufactured with very low elongation under load, very high strength, and made to meet very tight length requirements.
  • Each sling is custom designed for the application; we carefully select the optimal core material based on our experience and your application requirements. These core materials include HMPE, Aramid and Olefin fibers (e.g. Kevlar® and Dyneema®).
  • Slings can be made as a grommet or in an eye-and-eye configuration, based on length or customer requirements
  • To protect potential chafe areas from wear, the selected core material is encased in a protective cover to ensure a durable and long-lasting lift solution.
  • Materials: HMPE, Aramid, LCP or blends
  • Construction: parallel laid endless filaments
  • Jacket: PNW cut resistant cover, and special design wear protection in critical areas
  • Length tolerance: +/- 0, 15% of nominal length
  • certifications: DNV, CEN and ILO
Capacity (metric tons)17
Length (m)2
Compatible ProductsSL60
Gantry Series CompatibilitySL

Details of EGSL60182 Sling ENERPAC

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