At IAS Components we are experts in mechanical and linear motion technology. If you are interested in skates, spindles, guides, bearings or nuts, do not hesitate to contact us. You will find the best stock at the best price.

Industrial mechanics

At IAS Components we offer you a wide selection of industrial mechanics products, oriented to their installation in linear and other moving industrial spaces.

Industrial mechanics need to operate with elements specially adapted to the activity of each company. There are a series of mechanical standards, but they must be adapted to the particular needs of each industry. At IAS Components we have a selection of basic elements, oriented to their use in industrial mechanics processes.

Our industrial mechanics components

At IAS Components we work with different industrial parts, including nuts, spindles, slides, guides, bearings, ball carriers and linear systems.

All our components have been manufactured based on the highest production and safety standards, our commitment is based on offering you parts specially manufactured for use in industrial manufacturing procedures.

Runner blocks and Guides

Spindles are industrial screws, usually metal, used to facilitate the movement of presses and other similar machines. This type of screw must be fixed using special nuts, designed to reinforce the resistance of this type of screw.

The spindles allow turning a rotary movement into a permanent rectilinear movement, this process is essential for all types of industrial machinery.

One of the issues with spindles and nuts of this type is that their constant movement creates very intense friction, which can quickly wear down their surfaces. Opting for quality pieces, tested and manufactured with the highest production standards is important, so that the wear and tear of this type of piece does not cause damage in the short or long term. At IAS Components we offer you a wide selection of spindles for industrial use, reinforced and with special nuts, prepared for intense use in industrial manufacturing processes.

Runner blocks

Our catalog includes ball, roller and roller guides and slides. Skates are linear displacement systems, which adjust to a series of guides to describe a certain path.

To facilitate its movement there are different mechanisms. Ball runners incorporate a series of balls or bearings at the base, which allow continuous sliding movement, in other cases they are a set of rollers or pulleys, which will facilitate linear movement.

Slides with guides are very precise elements, specially developed for industrial processes, in which an exact distribution of raw materials or manufactured elements is needed.

Regarding the guides, these are rails that mark the trajectory of the skate, therefore, they must be adapted to the particular conditions of each process. At IAS Components we offer you a wide selection of guides and slides, with different movement mechanisms.


Un rodamiento es un cojinete compuesto por dos cilindros concéntricos, de diferente tamaño, entre los que se ubica un juego de bolas que pueden girar, para generar diferentes movimientos. 

Los rodamientos son componentes básicos en muchos procesos de fabricación industrial, debido a que se trata de piezas muy eficaces para la instalación de lineales. En IAS Components fabricamos tanto rodamientos estándar, como rodamientos con tamaños y cualidades particulares.

Los rodamientos están expuestos en su mayoría a una fricción continua, en muchos casos permanente, por lo que es fundamental que los componentes que forman parte de su estructura sean extremadamente resistentes. En IAS Components desarrollamos rodamientos fabricados para participar en procesos industriales de todo tipo, y resistir usos intensos en todo tipo de situaciones.

Linear systems

Linear systems are the basis of many industrial manufacturing processes. Parts of all kinds participate in their composition, which must not only adapt to the particular qualities of the linear, but must also maintain their properties under conditions of continuous use.

At IAS Components we have fasteners, heads, transmitters for belts, squares, tilting arms and sets with bearings, so that you can have everything your company needs.

Our team is in charge of examining each one of the pieces intended for linear. All the industrial mechanics elements that come to our catalog have followed the most demanding manufacturing processes, to ensure the effectiveness of each of our components.

Conveyor balls

The conveyor balls for industrial mechanics are multidirectional friction elements, oriented to the displacement of heavy materials in industrial processes.

For a conveyor ball to fulfill its function properly, it is essential that it be made of resistant materials, and that it also be adapted to the particular conditions demanded by the structure on which it is installed.

Conveyor balls consist of a steel bowl, usually zinc-plated, an upper pocket that creates the contact and a series of balls inside the bowl, with a high load capacity. The advantage of ball conveyors, compared to other industrial steering methods, is that they allow movements to be generated in 360 degrees.

The choice of conveyor balls depends on the weight they must support in the processes in which they participate, at IAS Components we offer you a wide variety of sizes and dimensions.

Components and parts of industrial mechanics

The choice of parts for mechanical manufacturing processes is critical. At IAS Components, your distributors of industrial products, we are specialists in industrial mechanics, which is why we can guarantee you the best options in bearings, guides, spindles and other parts aimed at driving industrial lines. If you have any questions about our products, contact our team and choose the most reliable industrial components.

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