We have the largest variety of hydraulic components on the market. Pumps, hydraulic actuators, valves ... We also have a team specialized in hydraulic technology that will advise you in making decisions.

Industrial hydraulics

Hydraulic systems are those that use fluids under pressure to drive the basic components that make up machinery.

Having adequate hydraulic components, capable of offering the best performance in any circumstance, is essential in industrial systems. At IAS Components we guarantee the performance of all our hydraulic system components and the security of having the best industrial equipment.

Hydraulic system components

Hydraulic systems incorporate all kinds of parts, capable of generating machines powered by hydrostatic pressure. The components of hydraulic systems are prepared to withstand high pressures and friction movements, which is why it is essential to have reliable parts and spare parts, suitable for industrial use. At IAS Components we offer you a wide variety of hydraulic components for use in industrial tasks.


Hydraulic cylinders are mechanisms that consist of a central cylinder, whose interior incorporates a piston or a plunger, capable of transforming the pressure of a liquid into mechanical energy. The pressurized liquid, usually oil, generates the energy necessary for the cylinder to start moving.

At IAS Components we have hydraulic cylinders with all kinds of features, as well as spare parts such as gaskets, repair kits and loose parts. Both the cylinders themselves and the spare parts have been tested to ensure the best performance in industrial work.

Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves are a type of industrial valve, which allows the start, pause or regulation of water through moving parts, with the aim of adapting the flow of fluids through a hydraulic system.

The main function of hydraulic valves is to regulate the pressures at which a fluid circulates, therefore, it is a basic system that must be kept in good condition in all circumstances.

Hydraulic valves consist of different components, such as the obturator, the spindle, the joints or the union bolts, if any of these parts suffers damage, it is possible that the functions of the valve are defective.

At IAS Components we offer you a wide variety of valves, oriented to their installation in industrial circuits. In addition, in our catalog we have a selection of parts and spare parts, suitable for different types of valves.

Hydraulic bombs

Pumps are generating devices, capable of transmitting energy to a liquid, to facilitate its transport to a higher installation.

A pump allows to capture different types of fluids and transmit them to other systems on a regular basis, there are different hydraulic pumping systems, among which gear pumps, piston pumps, variable vane pumps and metering pumps stand out.

Pumping is a basic process for all types of hydraulic machinery. If this system fails, the components lose the main source of energy, necessary for movement. An adequate pumping system will allow all the components of the hydraulic systems to be fed constantly, regulating the flow appropriately.

Hydraulic filters

Hydraulic filters are basic elements in the lubrication and greasing process of industrial machinery. The objective of installing hydraulic filters is to reduce contamination by solid particles present in the fluids, both from external sources and those generated by erosion or wear of the machinery itself.

What we achieve through hydraulic filters is to extend the useful life of industrial systems. The accumulation of particles, something very common in hydraulic machinery, is one of the main causes of wear and tear of parts in hydraulic systems. Filters reduce the presence of this type of impurities, improving system performance.

Hydraulic motors

Hydraulic motors are hydraulic actuators, which allow pressure to be converted into rotational or turning torque. Hydraulic motors offer very high torque at very low turning speeds, which is why they are used to replace electric motors in all types of industrial processes.

There are different types of hydraulic motors, including gear, piston or fixed displacement motors. The main objective of this type of device is to generate a movement that, through other auxiliary components, will allow precise and automated industrial processes to be carried out.

Buy hydraulic components

The purchase of hydraulic system components implies evaluating the conditions of each device, in order to choose the most suitable one. At IAS Components we offer you a wide selection of parts, spare parts and kits, specially developed for fluid-powered industrial systems.

In addition to assembly, it is very important to have systems that keep the entire structure in good condition. In our catalog you also have maintenance and repair devices, you can request all the maintenance parts you need in our online store.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our components for industrial hydraulic systems, get in touch with our team, we advise you whenever you need it, so you can make the best decision regarding your hydraulic industrial machinery.

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