At IAS Components you will find the widest range of electronic and industrial automation components. Drives, controls, firmware, software and much more. Discover the best brands in the sector at the best price and take advantage of our large stock.

Robotics and industrial automation

IAS Components is expert in Industry 4.0. That is why we bring the future of robotics and industrial automation to the present with a product offering carefully selected to cover all your needs.

As professionals in the industrial sector we know that robotics and automation do not replace people, but are their faithful companions, what really makes innovation and the success of their work possible.

Therefore, it is so important to have tools that meet the highest quality standards. And if you are a company with a clear commitment to innovation, through our extensive online catalog you can experience all the advantages offered by the implementation of automation and industrial robotics in your business.

Purchase industrial automation system

When purchasing industrial components and materials, certain criteria must be taken into account to determine your final decision. Factors such as the optimization of your human resources, the quality and traceability of your products in the final result, as well as the flexibility and scalability of the work and production processes will be the aspects that will encourage you to make the leap to innovation.

More and more companies have started to use industrial automation to become more competitive and productive within their sector. This involves the use of certain elements such as robotics, new technologies and accessories complementary to control systems and programs, motors, drives, bolted and other automation systems.

IAS Components provides the possibility of finding all the components adapted to the specific needs of your production.

In fact, if your intention is: 

  • Versatilize your production processes

  • Increase your continuity

  • Increase your productivity

  • Enhance the most complex processes and carry them out efficiently

  • Save energy and materials

  • Be more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • Reduce accidents and obtain excellent results and finishes without errors...

IAS Components has the quality materials and components that will help you achieve your objectives. Due to our commitment to our customers, we check all the manufacturing characteristics of the industrial materials we offer, because if you are successful in your work, we are too. 

If you are considering the purchase of industrial automated systems, in our online catalog we have several solutions that have stood out among our customers for being highly effective.


Our entire range of automated controls offers products from the best manufacturers on the market and at the best price.

This way, you can choose the control solution that best suits your needs, such as software, hardware, firmware, operator panels and all the accessories that complement a perfectly optimized and equipped quality control program.

And one of the main advantages of our solutions is to gain full control of all your company's production processes. You can even monitor in real time all the data of your production processes and work in complete safety.


Sometimes, production processes are negatively affected by the operation and speed of electric motors in industrial activity. And keeping them always in perfect condition is a real challenge.

In fact, it is not uncommon for motors to operate at varying speeds, which can lead to excessive energy consumption costs or performance problems.

However, here is the solution thanks to our selection of the best drives in the industry with the most economical offers.

In IAS Components' wide range of stock, you can find the variable speed drive that regulates and modifies industrial motors so that they only use the energy required by the production process.

Thus, you can browse among the components of the most demanding brands in terms of quality, choosing the best and most varied products, from servo drives, firmware for drives, frequency variators and all the accessories that complement them.

In the wide range of IAS Components stock you can find the speed variator that regulates and modifies industrial motors so that they only use the energy required by the production process.

Thus, you will be able to browse among the components of the most demanding brands in terms of quality, choosing the best and most varied products, from servo drives, firmware for drives, frequency inverters and all the accessories that complement it.


One of the key pieces that have made the Industry 4.0 and automation revolution possible has been the development of truly innovative electronic control machines and motors.

IAS Components offers the best motors in the market so that the most demanding companies in the industrial activity can achieve their expectations.

For this reason, we have selected the highest quality mechatronic solutions, with energy efficiency and an important duration to ensure the ideal operation of your activity.

Therefore, you can find incredible offers of servo motors, planetary gears and all the accessories you need for the motors of your industry.

Sale of electrical machines and drives

Automation and robotics are nourished by all possible technological advances. And we are attentive to the evolution of the sector and the needs of our customers. Therefore, in our extensive stock you can also find the machines and electric drives needed to develop your production processes with the best quality.

In fact, having a good electric drive technology is already indispensable for industrial production if your intention is to produce a value creation chain.

Thanks to our experience working in the sector and our relationship with the best brands in the industry, you can have total confidence in our electric drive solutions. In addition, if you need advice, our specialists will accompany you throughout the decision process so that you can count on total security.

Implement industrial automation

If you are still hesitating about implementing industrial automation in your production processes, remember that we are talking about a future that is increasingly present in industry.

The revolution of technological, digital and ecological transformation is unstoppable, especially in industrial processes. In fact, implementing industrial automation can be the key to the development of your business and, of course, its success.

IAS Components, your industrial components distributor, makes this possible by offering the best robotics and automation solutions on the market with products tailored to your needs.

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