JS750 Jack-Up System ENERPAC

Reference JS750
JS750, 840 Ton, Jack-Up System

Description of JS750 Jack-Up System ENERPAC

Unit Weight: 24000 kg
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Tariff Code: 842890

Series : JS
Product Lines : Heavy Lifting Technology
  • The Jack-Up System is a custom developed multi-point lifting system. A typical system setup includes four jack-up units positioned under each corner of a load
  • The lifting frame of a jack-up unit contains four hydraulic lifting cylinders, one in each corner, which lift the load using the stacked steel boxes.
  • A load is lifted in increments as boxes are slid into the system, lifted, and stacked; forming "lifting towers". A Jack-Up System is operated and controlled by a computer control unit.
  • Each unit's lifting and lowering operations occur simultaneously; the computer control unit's synchronous technology maintains the balance of the load
  • Self-contained hydraulics in each jack-up unit for uncluttered work area
  • Synchronously lift loads with multiple jack-up units. The most common system set-up includes four jack-up units but can be expanded to include more
  • Lifting barrels are stacked together to mechanically hold the load
  • Up to 5% side load capacity depending on capacity and lift height
  • Computer controls for operating the Jack-Up System with automatic and manual lifting settings
Capacity per Tower (metric tons)750
Capacity per Tower (kN)7500
Maximum Sideload (m)5% @ 20m
Weight per Jack-up Unit (kg)24.000

Details of JS750 Jack-Up System ENERPAC

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