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Software for industrial automation

Implementing software for the industrial automation of your manufacturing processes is a fundamental action to guarantee the maximum optimization of your production.

At IAS Components we are committed to offering our customers the most varied selection of the best control and automation systems in the sector. Therefore, through our stock you will have the certainty of selecting the most demanding software on the market.

Our team of technical experts oversees the exhaustive evaluation of all the necessary components to ensure the achievement of your production goals. By choosing our products, you will be able to streamline your manufacturing capacity and achieve a highly competitive advantage within your own industry.

Sale of automation software

To respond with determination and efficiency to the constant changes in your industry, you must have a quality industrial automation solution. Thus, the sale of our software goes beyond a simple purchase and sale exchange.

Our goal as a benchmark supplier of industrial components is that you will be able to meet yours by choosing our products.

For this reason, our service offers the necessary advice to guarantee a personalized attention oriented to the needs of each customer and their type of activity.

Therefore, among the many options in our portfolio, you can choose the software capable of collecting, compiling, and diffusing data in real time, when and where it is always needed.

Similarly, when purchasing a type of automation software, you need to make sure that it provides you with the following capabilities:

·         Ability to act quickly to deal with any event that affects your production, whether expected or unforeseen.

·         Effectively deal with both expected and unexpected changes.

·         A technology-based operation that enables rapid and responsive change.

That stated, these capabilities boil down to the fact that, in addition to having a complete understanding of the condition of your production, you need to have a flexible ability to quickly change your approach or ways to mitigate risks or take advantage of opportunities.

Operating systems

The quality of the operating system is fundamental to develop your industrial activity with a highly competitive level. In fact, it can sometimes be the key that strengthens your company against your competitors.

At IAS Components, your industrial components distributor, we want to accompany you in the development of your business, and therefore we have selected the best operating systems on the market to configure your software in the most optimal and productive way possible.

Due to our experience, you can be sure that all the operating systems available in our stock will ensure the correct operation of the software programs for the industrial automation of your activity.

Due to our experience, you will be sure that all the operating systems available in our stock will be in charge of executing the correct operation of the software programs for the industrial automation of your activity.

Types of software

One of the common concerns of our customers when choosing software for the control of industrial manufacturing processes is to know the type of software they should select.

When faced with indecision, the best thing to do is to ask questions and seek the support of our team of technical experts to help you make the right decision.

This is an extremely important issue, and it is therefore crucial to have all the necessary information, communicated with complete transparency and clarity. That is what we are all about, offering you quality industrial components and providing you with the best service.

Horizontal software

The horizontal type of software offers common established functions that serve for different productive sectors and applications. Thus, if your production processes are not standardized and you need the software for more functionalities than just general management, it is recommended that you acquire a horizontal software that fulfills all these functionalities.

By browsing the IAS Components catalog you will find the best horizontal software on the market.

Vertical software

If you need to cover very specific functionalities in your production processes or in a specific industrial sector, whose needs and requirements are quite special, what you need is a vertical software from the best manufacturers in the sector.

A solution that you can find in our offers at the best price and that you can easily adapt to the special needs of the functionalities of your production processes.

Manufacturers of software for industrial automation

At IAS Components we have grown and evolved enough to be able to provide the materials and industrial components of the quality our customers deserve.

This is due to our conscientious analysis of the many manufacturers in the industry that create the necessary elements for industrial automation and control.

We have come a long way, and we have finally built up a list of trusted manufacturers that ensure both the fulfillment of our objectives and the success of our customers.

Companies such as Aventics, Bosch Rexroth, Enerpac, Festo, Norgen and Piab are the partners that make our work, and yours, possible.

At IAS Components we are a family whose values are shared by all its members. For this reason, we will always transmit our commitment to the customer in an integral way.

In addition, we are at your disposal to offer you the solutions you need as quickly as possible. So, you don't have to wait any longer to start automating and controlling your production processes and become a major player in Industry 4.0.

Because being part of the digital revolution is much more satisfying than adapting to it, and at IAS Components we want you to be part of it.

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