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Firmware for industrial automation

Systems for the management and control of production processes are essential for a company to achieve automated industrial activity. One of the little-known but vital elements included in software systems is firmware for industrial automation control.

Would you like to know the most innovative solutions on the market? At IAS Components we have a large stock of perfectly selected firmware so that you can find the ideal management program for your industrial production process.

Sale of industrial firmware

The need for companies to implement a strategy to digitize their production processes has driven the sale of industrial firmware. This is because it is a type of software program that makes it possible to control and improve the connectivity and communication of the systems that make production possible. In fact, firmware is the software that runs the hardware internally to perform functions continuously and recursively while in operation. 

Quality firmware perfects data transfer thanks to innovative functions. It is always embedded within the hardware and has the ability to provide low-level control specific to the component on which it is installed.

Control software

Firmware is a type of control software that provides the operating environment to perform the more complex functions of the component that handles the industrial production processes. It can also act as the same internal operating system that runs the component. 

Therefore, the firmware is the one that instructs the component how it should perform when operating in conjunction with other devices. Moreover, it is an element of vital importance since the firmware includes all the information related to the specifications of the device and what makes the communication and connectivity is done correctly and without any failure, making the chips of the devices work in adequate times and speeds, which facilitates the execution of production processes.

And where is this internal control software code stored? As a general rule, it is usually in a non-volatile memory chip, which can be ROM, EPROM or NAND Flash memory. The latter is the most demanded as it is the easiest and most effective when it comes to updating the firmware, which is essential from time to time.

Regarding how the industrial computer processor communicates with the chip that stores its firmware, in some cases this is done by means of low-power ports and bridges. For example, some interfaces usually implement between the communication pins, a central or support processor to allow it to access the chip that stores the firmware during startup.

Types of firmware

We understand firmware as the program that is designed to give permanent instructions so that the different devices of a system, of an industrial component such as a PC, can perform basic and complex functions and interact with other devices.

It should be noted that the firmware should not be confused with the driver, since they do so within the operating system itself, while the firmware can start and run by itself and perform the functions it has programmed or designed, while the drivers have to be executed by the operating system.

To choose which is the most convenient for your production processes, you must be aware of the different types of firmware available. IAS Components provides you with the latest trends in industrial automation firmware, so that you can find the most up-to-date option on the market.

BIOS Firmware

When a computer is turned on, the first thing that starts is the firmware BIOS. This is capable of interacting with all the hardware and verifying that there is any unknown error in the device to check that everything is working properly.

It is what allows the operating system installed on the industrial device to boot and is primarily responsible for managing the elements that make up the hardware.

EFI Firmware

EFI corresponds to the name Extensible Firmware Interface. This type of firmware stands out for offering certain advantages in terms of security, since it allows the industrial computer to be started only with secure and trusted software from the manufacturer, known as Secure Boot.

In addition, it includes a more user-friendly interface, so it can be configured more easily and thus be able to view values such as boot order, fan status, temperatures, etc.

Therefore, this firmware is of the most demanded type that already presents a more optimal modernization that positively influences the control of industrial production processes and their automation.

Therefore, this firmware is the most demanded type that already presents a more optimal modernization that positively influences the control of industrial production processes and their automation.

Industrial automation firmware manufacturers

At IAS Components, your distributors of industrial products, we work with reliable manufacturers of firmware for industrial automation. We collaborate with leading brands that manufacture industrial materials and components such as Bosch Rexroth, among others. And our team of technical experts is in charge of checking the reliability and quality of each material, which is always satisfactory.

Therefore, we are committed to our customers by offering solutions and systems for the automation of their industrial processes meeting the highest quality standards with reliable manufacturers.

If you are immersed in the development of Industry 4.0 and you need firmware for the industrial automation of your company, do not hesitate to contact IAS Components to receive the personalized assistance you need to help you make the best decision.


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